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UBUB Eye Pencil Eyeshadow Silkworm Pen Velvet Shimmer Earth Double Color Eye Shadow Cream Glitter Makeup Palette Cosmetics

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Deep-sea luxury spirit's eye pencil for silk, super soft formula, feels very smooth, there will be no makeup discomfort, do not stimulate tender eye skin, easy colored, lasting coor, glossy, sweat shading falls off not easily also, gently wipe away, can also change the colour makeup effect of saturated color, show powder as multiple effect, make excessive charm charming eye makeup.


Ingredients: the wax, beeswas, card, coroa butter, shea butter, octyl dodecanol, squalane, myristic acid isopropyl ester, oil glyceride, iron oxide red, iron oxide black, titanium dioxide, neper jin ding fat.


Method of use: adopt a "progressive" overlapping color painting, slowly after line depicts the outline, and then gently on the makeup, can strengthen the makeup effect again persistence.




Net weight: 3.5g

Product weight: 19g

Size: 5cm*2cm(D*H)


Packing Content:

1 Eyeshadow Pen



1. Please do not for purposes other than makeup.

2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.

3. Keep out of the reach of children.  01_01  01_02  01_03  01_04  01_05  01_06